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Go Nutz is the definitive answer to the sensitive-area grooming product. Like many people, we tried all of the top shaving tools on the market that claimed to be safe and effective, only to be let down time and time again. We thought, wouldn’t it be great if someone made a product that just let you “go nuts” shaving down there without and the worrying and hassle? So that’s just what we did. Go Nutz was born to actually deliver on what the other guys merely claim.

We started with the design. Looking at what was already available, we noticed that nothing was even remotely new or unique. All of these solutions that claimed to be a revolutionary answer to sensitive grooming were in fact just baby hair trimmer technology with the same ceramic blades that were already widely available. Clever marketing and sleek packaging and they had everyone believing it was something special.

Go Nutz needed to be different, so while other products just rely on trademarked names, we made sure Go Nutz has a uniquely patented design all its own. Gone are the standard up and down bulky trimmers that require users to be flexible gymnasts just to reach the places they need to go. Instead, the spherical, ergonomic shape of Go Nutz allows for safe and continuous multi-directional shaving.

No need to risk your valuables ending up looking like something that belongs in the deli counter of your local butcher. No nick, cut or discomfort. That’s our motto. That’s our guarantee. Just grab our trimmer and Go Nutz.

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