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Our patented design and ergonomic shape allows for safe and smooth shaving in all directions. No starting and stopping. No more awkward angles or hard to reach spots. No more nicks, pulls or cuts. Just Go Nutz!

Why We Are Different

Go Nutz is a first-of-its-kind personal groomer with a unique patented design unlike any other. Don’t be fooled by other products that trademark clever names and slap it on repackaged ceramic-blade baby trimmer technology.

The reason our personal groomer looks like nothing else, while theirs looks just like every other trimmer on the market is because it is. Go look for the TM on their product and you’ll realize you’re simply buying a name, not a revolutionary new product.

Key Features

Go Nutz vs Competition

More of the Same:

Ceramic baby hair trimmer blades

Ceramic blades were made to minimize pulling and skin nicking. Sounds great, right? But minimize doesn’t mean eliminate. While it is easy to shave hair on a head that is symmetrical and exposed, more sensitive areas are hidden and hard to reach. It’s scary to go hacking away with a device only meant to “minimize nicks.”

Trademarked name

The only thing unique about these trimmers are the names. They all tout a cute naming convention of their SafeSystem 3000TM. And if you look closely you’ll notice that TM symbol starring back at you. That’s because these aren’t real patented systems, the name is what they are trademarking, not the design.

Standard Shape

To go along with their standard widely available ceramic blades is the very standard long-bodied shape of every trimmer you’ve ever seen. While recognizable, this means you have one choice with how to use it. You can go up and down…that’s it. When trying to shave a very sensitive area with all manner of nooks and crannies, up and down isn’t always the most efficient way to groom.


Patented design

Go Nutz patented design means the device is one-of-one. No other trimmer on the market has what Go Nutz does.

Internal Trimming System

Go Nutz internal foil blade system ensures no metal teeth or sharp razors ever touch your skin.  Shave with confidence!

Trim in All Directions

The ergonomic spherical shape means no direction is off limits. Shave up and down – and all around – as you see fit.  No restrictions or bulky blades getting in the way of getting down to the perfect length.

Trimming System

Go Nutz uses an internal foil blade system—so there are no sharp razors or metal teeth to worry about.

The trimming system is designed to groom down to a comfortable, neat length.

It doesn’t go all the way down to the skin, or so short that it causes irritation..

Attachment Heads

Multiple attachment heads for the perfect length every time.

Water Resistant

Water resistant to use while taking a shower or a bath.

Dock Charging

What Our Customers SAY

❝Very impressed with Go Nutz trimmer. No Pulling at all and clean shave. Bonus you can use right in the shower.❞

- Gary R

❝Highly recommend Go Nutz shaver. The shape allows for a quick and clean shave to all parts. Easy to clean and travel with.❞

- Steve Nelson

❝I would give this a 10 out of 10. No pulling or pinching in the sensitive areas such a clean shave. The unique shape makes all the difference in reaching all those areas.❞

- Tony Johnson

❝My husband was raving about this product, so I had to give it a try. Let me tell you this shaver is better than a wax. No pain at all and same results as a wax. This product is amazing.❞

- Becky S

❝I was hesitant to try this product as I have been using the same shaver for 10 years. This product is not only easy to use but the clean shave that it gives is great. The shape of this product makes shaving so much easier and with no pinching.❞

- Rodney Wright

❝Easy to use, very compact for travel and such a nice clean shave in all areas. No irritation at all.❞

- Jose G

❝Not only a great trimmer for my husband but the different attachments make it perfect for me as well. No mess at all and easy to take apart and clean out. This gives such an amazing bare shave just as good as a wax without the pain. Would love this in a girly color.❞

- Sara B

❝The different attachments and easy swap out are great. No mess in the sink to clean up and so compact. This is a great trimmer.❞

- Kenny Smith

❝No issues at all using it for grooming, the shape makes it easy to grip and shave without any pulling at all. Leaves a bare shave that you can do right in the shower. Plus a rechargeable battery that isn’t a bulky station.❞

- Nic Sullivan

❝My husband and I share this trimmer and let me tell you it is amazing. The different blade heads are easy to change an the battery last long. No pulling hair and leave a bear.❞

- Cindy L

❝I tried this product because of the shape, never seen a trimmer like it. The easy grip you have makes shaving so easy and you don’t have to worry about cutting or pinching yourself. The shape makes all the difference to get at all the spot you want to.❞

- Todd Keller

❝I have tried over 5 different trimmers in the last 5 years and this one has been my favorite by far. The compact shape makes it so easy to shave everywhere. Its quick and easy and you can do it right in the shower with no mess. Great product.❞

- Tim S

❝Hard to find a trimmer that doesn’t cause irritation to my skin. Go Nutz is like no other product I have every seen or tired. The different attachments for length are easy to change out and cover every place you want o trim. No issues at all with my skin with this product.❞

- Cole Henry

❝Go Nutz has got to be my favorite new trimmer. No mess to clean up, the shape makes it possible to reach all the angles with no pulling of the hairs and so compact. Great size to bring along for my business trips.❞

- George R

❝10 out of 10. Easy to use, great shape and no mess.❞

- Jason King

❝I need to order another one my wife has taken it over. She raves that it is better than a wax and just as bare. We both love this shaver and how compact it is with no issues at all with pulling or pinching.❞

- Dominic M

❝Great product. Very compact and the shape is so unique. Never seen one like this and works better than all the others I have tried over the years. No irritation to my skin and no mess to clean up.❞

- Joel McNab

❝Would recommend Go Nutz to everyone. The shape makes it so east to grip and use in all areas of your body. The exchangeable heads are perfect for the different areas as well. No mess either to clean up.❞

- Michael H

❝Tried Go Nutz solely because the shape was nothing I have seen before. The easy grip you get with the shape is a game changer for shaving. No worrying about cuts or pulling of hair is gives a smooth easy shave.❞

- Zack D

❝Go Nutz is so easy to use and very compact doesn’t take up any space. No issues at all with this product and would recommend it to everyone I know.❞

- Dennis Merkley

❝Always looking for a new shaver that doesn’t cost a lot and is a great quality. Go Nutz shape alone and the easy changeable heads is better than any I have used. Leave such a smooth shave with no irritation. Bonus no mess and can use in the shower.❞

- Corey C

❝Go Nutz is a an extraordinary shaver. Every since Ive used it I no longer feel anxious when shaving. I used to cut myself using other shavers no its a smooth and easy process.. I love the way it feels and the awesome job its done for my grooming. I can't wait to Go Nutz when it's time to shave! Clean cut every time. I've been recommending this product to all my friends and family. I can't wait to see it in stores!❞

- Austin J


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